Reverse Phone Lookup, the Master Tracker For Identity Tracing

When it comes to a cell phone trace, you might think about all of the movies you’ve seen where people look up a number and find out exactly where the call is being made. Or maybe you are thinking of tracing a cell phone number to find out who it belongs to. Or you could be wondering if you can track a mobile phone and find out where the person is located. But the big question is, can you do any of these things without getting law enforcement involved? Can you trace a mobile phone without a warrant?

There are a couple of options at your  Who Called Me from This Phone Number? disposal when you need a cell phone trace. For example, if you have the number, you can do a reverse directory lookup on it to find out who the owner is. These will usually tell you a lot more information than just the owner’s name. You can usually also find out where the account is located, the address associated with the account, any other numbers on the account, and which mobile phone provider the account is on.

But what if you want to trace a number, like in the movies, and find out where the cellular phone is located? Well you can’t just type a number into a search engine and track it like a GPS. But let’s say you want to track a cell phone of someone you know, or someone who is on your cell phone account. In this case, you could install cell phone trace software onto the phone. This software will actually turn the phone into a GPS tracker and show you exactly where the person is just by logging into your computer. But unfortunately, it won’t work unless you already have it installed properly on the phone. So you can’t just trace a cell phone of someone you don’t know personally without some type of warrant or law enforcement involved.